On October 16, 1793  Marie Antoinette was guillotined, ending imperial rule for France.

She had come to France in 1774 to marry the Dauphin and become his Queen.    She was 19 at the time and coming from the Austrian Court she had never experienced anything in her life that wasn’t the most opulent.

Unfortunately, her marriage was not consummated for another 7 years.  Out of frustration and loneliness she surrounded herself with beauty and luxuries that most people only dreamed of.    Spending copious amounts of money was a common way of life to her.   She never saw poverty and was so shielded from the outside world that when asked what the people would eat since there was no bread.   She replied, “Let them eat cake”.

This was a logical answer to her, since in her reality, if one does not have bread to eat, you eat cake.